littleBits Arduino + Ardublock

I was able to experiment with the Ardublock software.I finally got it to upload through Arduino IDE software and now the littleBits block on the left hand side is gone along with 12 others. How do I connect the littlebits exntension to the Ardublock software?

Hello @HunterG,
Did you install the latest version which has the Littebits index?

See this manual:

love the ardublock + arduino bit concept. We have installed ardublock and can make a bargraph blink on and off, but not by using the littlebits blocks. see 1st image that works.


this same idea doesnt work when using littlebits blocks, see 2nd image.


First question: what are we doing wrong? Second question, are there any ardublock + littlebit tutorials? we’ve search all over and haven’t located anything helpful. Thanks!

Hi @jtennis,

Your first question:
The Ardublock bargraph piece on screen has two settings (the pink arrows in the upright corner).
The first one is for the output number where you have the bargraph connected on the Arduino.
The second one is for the bargraph illumination setting.
So I changed the first one to “5” because my bargraph was connected to the middle output bitsnap of the Littlebits Arduino (which is D5).
And at the first Ardublock bargraph on screen I changed the illumination value to zero and the second one I set to 255.

Now it blinked after uploading …

Your second question:
As far as I know there is no manual or tutorial. Try and error is the best way to go.
(My first error was that it did not work with the most recent Arduino IDE version 1.8.1.
After searching a lot in google I found that you must use an older version of the IDE when you combine it with Ardublock. I used the older version 1.6.11 and it worked fine.
Hope this helps,


thanks so much for the quick help. we now can replicate the bargraph setup you’ve shown. We eventually like to use the bits as inputs to control the bits as outputs. so far, it almost seems easier to simply write the code in the Arduino IDE. we’ll take more examples if you have them!! :smile:

Thanks again.

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Hi @jtennis,

here are a few more examples of Ardublock coding with Littlebits…:

A button on D0 lights up the LED on D5 and stops the motor on D9
The Ardublock button uses digital inputs as standard.

A dimmer on A0 sets the bargraph on D5 to 100 and stops the vibration motor when it reaches a value of 200. The ardublock dimmer (and other analoginput bits) standard use analog inputs.

AWESOME!!! Thanks for all your help, we truly appreciate it.

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