List of all the LittleBits bits and kits available

I have created a spreadsheet of all the bits for myself and I thought others might be interested in it - LittleBits Master List


Hi @impulselabs,
Great list, thanks!
Can you add he DC motor o5, it is missing… ? :fearful:

Hi @alexpikkert. Thanks for pointing it out, I have added it now.

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Hi @impulselabs,
It’s not in the list…:fearful:

Hi @alexpikkert. Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing? It should be at row 37 (just below DC motor (tethered) - unless it’s some sort of weird browser caching issue.

This is what I see:
(I logged out and in again but it did not help…)

Ha! Solved !
I logged in with my phone instead of my tablet and now I get the updated list. Thanks !

It might be a caching issue - if you clear your browser cache or if you use a different browser, it will probably work.

And don’t forget the original o-21 number bit, in some ways superior to the current bit: the control is larger and simpler, while the physical bit is smaller and less complex.

Oh, and I love your list!


Thanks @impulselabs,

This is a great idea. A couple of questions I had:

  • It appears that a few of the bit descriptions don’t match
  • Is there a way to indicate the bit version? I’d love to see when an old bit is replaced. For instance, it looks like the original speaker(o22) was replaced with the synth speaker. Interestingly, they have different features.
  • p2 Rechargable Coin Battery Power Bit- has anyone seen this one? There’s a picture and a couple of pages describing it in the getting started with little bits book.
  • IR transmitter and AC Switch… seems to be part of the smart home kit & pro library.

I ageee! Seeing bit versions would be a cool addition. I got the “number” bit last Christmas, and it seems like they have added some new features to it as I got an extra one this year. That one has a a bigger switch and a “count up/down” feature.

I’m also looking for the p2 Rechargable Coin Battery Power Bit. The 9volt battery is too bulky and I don’t want it powered with the mini USB module. Any one know where I can get one, alternate ideas, or find one to purchase from the community?