Light sensor tricks

I purchased a Space Kit while at the NYC Maker Faire, and I couldn’t wait to try combining an ir led and a light sensor to make an ir proximity sensor. It works great, so give it a try.

How to details here:

Sample project here:

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This picture is from @CRomer … He used a dremel to make an extra hole for the micropotentiometer. Very cool!

It wouldn’t be too hard for me to to submit a dedicated IR proximity sensor to the #Bitlab . That would solve the pesky problems with positioning the IR led. I would only do it if I thought folks were interested… - Jude

@JackANDJude, thanks for the mention. Your make your design guides so easy to follow and it is very nice of you to share them!

I would be interested in a dedicated IR proximity component. I was looking at your DIY littlebits pics earlier, and remember your theremin project mentioned how to make an IR LED module. It got me thinking about trying to create a much flatter IR LED as a workaround. A dedicated unit would be even better!

Add an “IR Proximity” sensor to your rover so it can react to objects in it’s way.