Korg Little Bits filter: LM13700, where diode/bias is connected?

Hello everyone! I am new to audio circuits and I wanted to replicate the filter of Korg Little Bits. The problem is that I don’t know where the diode/bias of LM13700 transconductance amplifier is connected in the circuit. Any help would be great appreciated :smile:

Hello @Manolis_Grifoman, welcome to the forum !

I checked the diagram of the LM13700 and found the following info for you:

diode bias is connected to pin 15 and 2
amp bias is connected to pin 16 and 1.
Does this answer your question?


Thank you for your answer, kind sir. But the problem is, in the diagram, diode/bias seems to be floating. Is it correct?

sorry @Manolis_Grifoman,
I cannot answer this,I think a littlebits engineer can…
@stan_littlebits maybe?

Well, I’m fairly new to this and I need someone to clarify some parts of the schematic. For example, apart from the pins of LM13700, I do not know where the capacitors like C1, C2, C3, C7, C9 are needed. They seem to be connected only between the Vcc and the ground. Can you help me about where exactly they’re needed? Thank you in advance.