Keyboard bit noisy when pressed

I’ve been playing around with my synth kit for the last couple of weeks now and have started to try and record some of the sounds, (wouldn’t call it music just right now :slight_smile: )

However when playing back I’ve noticed how noisy the keyboard is when pressed. Any tips on how to get around this?

I’m just using my phone at the moment to record using the external mic so it will pick up all sounds in the room. If connect the speaker output to the laptop should this resolve the issue?

Would a small drop of oil or something like that destroy the keyboard if it was to try that?

I wouldn’t put any oil on the bits - it might not the plastic any good. Try cleaning off the bitSnap with a soft white eraser. This has worked well for me.

Hi Chris,

thanks for the reply. What do you mean by the bitSnap? Sorry I’m pretty new to this

actually just did a bit of looking. The noise seems to be coming more from the buttons themselves maybe it will get better with more use

Hi !
It’s just mechanical noise and it’s normal with the type of switches used.
If you want to get around this, record your sounds on the laptop via a stereo mini jack cable. Connect one end to the littlebits synthspeaker and the other end in your microphone input on your laptop.
You may need to adjust some sound levels.
I use a webcam and select as sound input the microphone input on the laptop. Works perfect, look at my inventions.