I've problem with my Arduino Bit

Hi! I was trying to program my new Arduino bit, but Arduino IDE doesn’t detect it. The port isn’t identified. I tried another Arduino bit and this hasn’t problem. It works perfectly.
I share you a photo. The yellow light is all time turn on. Is it correct?

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Hi Valeria,

I can’t help, but I sure can sympathize:

Hi Valeria,
I also tried to find a clear answer for you but could not find one…
Did you try to reset the Littlebits Arduino W6 ?
This is a littlebit complicated because the board has no reset button, but it is described here: Arduino Troubleshooting

Maybe it helps…

It could be a hardware problem, if so, maybe a message to the Littlebits support team is the road to go…

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Thanks @chris101 !! :wink:

Thanks @alexpikkert. I’ll try it and I’ll say you if I could resolve it. :wink:

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Hey @valert,

If you’re still having trouble, just drop a line to support@littlebits.cc and we’d be happy to work it out with you. Just let us know!

Hi @Patrick_littleBits, I haven’t could to reset the Arduino yet. When I do it, I share with you the result. Thank you :wink: