Is there any way to reduce the sensitivity of the motion sensor?

Just trying to see if there’s a way to use a motion sensor where we don’t want it to go off if you blow on it. It’s seems very sensitive.

I’m wondering the same thing. I don’t see an adjustment on the module. It is really sensitive.

I don’t have one. But I’m assuming you can use a threshold bit.

Hello @ggruber66, @CKlidify and @mphisher You can tape a paper cone around it, or use other materials to block the detecting range of the motion trigger. You can find examples of how to do this on the motion trigger Tips & Tricks page here:

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Like the sound trigger and light sensor the is a sensitivity dimmer on those i thing they should add that to the motion trigger.

Use masking tape around the sensor for a temporary adjustment and locate the area which works for your sensitivity. Then for a permanent solution remove the tape and just paint over the area where the masking tape was placed.

Doh! I just saw the reply above. :confounded:

Hi all, just seen the above on how to reduce the sensitivity of a microwave sensor. I had a problem with the one fitted in our toilet. If you pull the sensor down a couple centimeters there are 3 adjustment pots. One for LUX (light level) one for sensitivity and one for time that the light stays on. However even with the sensitivity set to minimum if you walked past the closed toilet door the light still came on. I found by taping the aluminium foil from a small cake (tart) it reduced the sensivity. I refined this further by cutting the base of the foil tray and shaping it to the dome.and taping it back with Selotape. (Scotch tape.). It now does not false trigger.

mine picked up snowflakes and turned on and off all night when it snowed …get a spray can of clear matte and shoot one or two very light coats on the sensor …works perfect …if yo mess up you can wipe it off with acetone or paint thinner