Is it possible to replace the fan?

I have the LittleBits fan. The fan itself is small and I want to replace it. I have found this fan on eBay that doesnt require more than 5V, which is what LittleBits deliveres. Will this work?

I have a surround receiver with really tight space surrounding it. I want the fan to start when the temperature around the receiver reaches a spesific level. I have hole in th eplate the receiver is standing on which will blow cold air on the receiver. Bigger fan will give more cool air.

Hi @ilpostino,
Connecting a different fan is possible, but you should check a few things to avoid damaging the fan bit…
First the fan voltage must be 5 VDC and the power needed should not exceed the power needed for the original fan. The specification label on my fan states 1.18 Watt, which is appr. a current of 230 milliamps.
And to avoid soldering the connector should be the same.
If you give it a try you can always check the bit if it gets too hot… (and disconnect before it gets damaged…)