Invention challenge cards for workshop

I saw some really cool cards on the event pictures on Flickr. Do any of you have printed material that you used during your events that you can share?


Hi @tdominguez21, which event was it? Do you have a link to the Flickr?



Just connected you over email.

Hey Nick,

Can i get the cards also, they can be of great help in my workshops.


North Kansas City School District’s gifted students have gone wild over littleBits! They are one of the integral pieces of the Power It Up! unit of study in the new Innovation Center. Northland Innovation Campus It’s on target to open August 2016! I have been working with students during the past school year to learn along with them. Like @ tdominguez21, I would love to be able to add the invention challenge cards to the mix. Could you please share with us as well?

SAGE teacher


Hor shared them so am attaching them. Will post any variations here as well.

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