Introduction to Arduino Programming 3: You light up my life

#Introduction to Arduino Programming
A series of based on New York University’s Introduction to Computer Programming class from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

This is intended as a “gentle” introduction to computer programming and Arduino. The only prerequisite is that you’ve completed our Arduino Basics guide!

You light up my life.

Ok as we level up our skills we’ll talk less and code more!

This program will let us light up our bargraph bit and check out some new Arduino functions.

Our Circuit!

The code!

int bargraph = 5;

void setup(){

  pinMode(bargraph, OUTPUT);


void loop(){

  analogWrite(bargraph, 1023);



So our best friend INPUT has an a twin named OUTPUT. It let’s us send output to our bitsnap d5.

Here’s how we do it

  1. We set our pinMode() to

    pinMode(bargraph, OUTPUT);

  2. Then let’s “write” our output to our bit!

analogWrite(bargraph, 1023);

One key thing to note is that our bargraph variable is an integer that is assigned to just 5 NOT d5.

Let’s flash our Arduino! (no, not that kind of flashing)

Once you’ve typed up the sample code, hit the upload button found in the tool bar. It looks like this: ❤


This will flash the memory in our Arduino so it can run our program!

All of the lights

You should be seeing your bargraph light up!

You made it!!!

Congrats we’re one step closer to being Arduino pros!

Here’s an emoji for all your hard work: :fireworks: