Introducing.....the STEAM Student Set!

You may have heard rumblings. You may have only thought it possible in your wildest dreams. Or perhaps you were a secret tester and this is old news. But now the cat is out of the box :scream_cat: . And we are SO FREAKING EXCITED to share our news with the world :smile_cat: :

Today we are launching the :tada: STEAM Student Set :tada:, the newest addition to the littleBits library!

This is a toolbox specifically designed with educators to engage students in powerful STEAM learning through invention. Here are the deets:

  • Students gain technical skills by exploring creative, collaborative solutions to problems.
  • Includes16+ hours of STEM/STEAM teaching, including 8 challenges and 10 lessons.
  • Check out the Student Invention Guide and Teacher’s Guide!
  • Designed in partnership with educators to incorporate NGSS & Common Core in curriculum - for all you formal educators out there :thumbsup:
  • Fun, project-based learning engages students in problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration.
  • Works for whole classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning.

We are in love with this set and can’t wait to see what folks invent with it. Check out the lessons here and a few projects created with the set here:

Bitbike #InventForGood and Stay Safe Bit Door Alarm #InventForGood by the three J’s and S for the Invent for Good challenge

Invent a Chain Reaction Contraption: The Waker Upper 5000 by Ms Knight’s STEAM class for the Invent a Chain Reaction Contraption challenge

Improving Transportation Around School by lown for the Hack Your Classroom challenge

Tracker Hacker by davidsaunders for the Hack Your Habits challenge


OMG :tada: Congratulations!!!

hi, is one “student steam set” enough for a group of 6 kids.

HI there!

We tested the STEAM Student Set with groups and we found that 1-4 students is the optimal per set. I would suggest getting two+ kits for working with six students at a time.