IFTTT don't do the recipe

I have tried to connect the cloudbit with IFTTT and the cloudbit receives the signal but he doesn´t send the e-mail, sms or facebook post as the recipe command. Anyone else with the same problem?

Hi @morgana_sartor. I tried three different recipes on IFTTT Tuesday and none of them worked. I think it might be an issue with the IFTTT server? @pires may know if there’s a problem.

Hi @morgana_sartor, @Thingfully,

IFTTT is an external service and not something running on our side, so we can’t guarantee this integration works all the time.

Now, if the cloudBit “receives the signal” as you said, then everything should be OK on our side. However, we’ll pay close attention to this and see it it happens again.



I seem to be having the same issue. The recipe is not being triggered on a signal through the cloudbit. I have tested through littlebuts cloud control and through IFTTT DO app successfully.



Hey @pires. It seemed like bad luck that IFTTT didn’t respond while I was showing a student how easy it is to trigger an SMS text, a WeMo switch, or even another cloudBit™ with the “duct tape of the IoT” (as I like to call it). At the moment I am preparing to teach a littleBits module on Tuesday and none of the IFTTT recipes worked.

I couldn’t even get one bit to trigger another with IFTTT. I reconnected the channel, but no joy. Has IFTTT’s new Developer Terms of Service somehow had an impact on littleBits channel?

Or perhaps IFTTT is getting busy and over-taxed? I’ve experienced lag but this is utter strikeout on two separate occasions.

BTW, IFTTT works with my WeMo switch. @chris101& @pires do you think I ought to ask IFTTT what’s going on? I’m teaching littleBits cloudBit to the second cohort of the Rising Pilots after school program on Tuesday. As you can see, IFTTT was working in January when I taught the first group of students.

Yes you should! Also if someone from littleBits were to contact them, it would carry even more weight.

The cloud bit is a $50 paperweight (and it won’t hold many papers) without IFTTT. Keeping the littleBits connection with IFTTT is essential!

PS, if this persists for you Bridget, perhaps you should open a ticket with ‘support at littleBits’. I have found them to be VERY helpful.

We are looking actively to what may be happening between IFTTT servers and littleBits Cloud Platform since this is not affecting all users.

Is anyone able to SEND to IFTTT? I’d love to hear from them!

I know this will sound weird, but we are able to send stuff to IFTTT and other webhooks. However, we may have found an issue with how one instance - part of our fleet of instances - was finding IFTTT on the Internet (DNS) and have told it to behave properly.

That said, care to try out your recipes now and let us know?

:sweat_smile: Hey @pires

All systems go! Input and output worked. Will share snaps from my students playing later today. Thanks to you all for getting on the case!

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my recipe had the following error:

littleBits Trigger Error (about 15 hours ago)
An error with littleBits prevented your Recipe from working. Edit the littleBits Channel or try again. If errors persist, visit the Help page for support.


All seems to be working again now and my IFTTT recipes are firing correctly. Thanks to @pires, @chris10, @Thingfully, @JackANDJude and @theodore_littlebits


I will be closing this thread since it’s working.

Thank you all for reporting and bearing with us while we fixed it.