i6 Dimmer LEGO 3D Printable connector?

My dad has introduced me to LittleBits and I love it but I want to build in what I have built into LEGO. I found most of what I need printable but no connector for the i6 Dimmer to a LEGO axel. My dad helped me look for the 3D files for the dimmer but they also don’t exist so even though he offered to help design one in 3D, I don’t have the dimensions of the dimmer. Has anyone made this part? I am a bit new to all of this and especially 3D printing but could someone pls help?

Hello @luuxpuux! Welcome to the littleBits forum.

I don’t know about 3D printing the part, but I made a connector for a Lego axle by taking an X-acto knife to the insides of the red, flexible lego axle connector. Once I removed the plastic inside (that made the cross shape of the axle) on one half of the connector, it slipped right on a standard pot (which the dimmer uses.) It was crude, but it worked.

If you succeed in making a 3D file, I’m sure it would be very popular here!

Thank you for the reply! LittleBits have been great to provide 3D models for many of their bits (DC motor, etc.) but they have left out the Control Pot. All we would need to design the 3D part would be a model of the standard Control Pot (I looked around the internet for these but couldnt find any STL file) and then combine it with the LEGO Axle connector (which is readily available). Any sense on how we contact LittleBits to ask them to provide the file? Once this is made, they could be printable with any online 3D service for around $4-5.

I’m sure you could email customer support, or just wait for a response folks from the company, who are quite active here. On the otherhand, you could just measure one with calipers.

I am a bit too young for this 3D printing adventure and dad says he is too old but we just ordered some calipers … wish us good luck

Hi @luuxpuux! I have a 3D design that fits a dimmer knob perfectly. Feel free to modify it so you can use with Legos! :grinning:

You can see it being used in this project: