I don't understand the Random bit, especially before an Oscillator


I don’t understand why if I put a random bit before an oscillator and set to “random voltage,” it does not cause the oscillator to make noise???

Hi @eroxx! The random is triggered by a change in input, like from a button, pulse, or the trigger out on the micro sequencer. Here’s a picture of the latter method:

For another example, @chris101 uses a pulse as an input for his “Robot Music” project: http://littlebits.cc/projects/robotmusic

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Got it - knowing that it is triggered by a change in input helps me understand. Thanks!

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I had to discover that fact as well. At first I thought the Random Voltage setting did nothing. Then I saw a random number generator: Power -> Button -> Random (voltage) -> Number. Every push of the button gives a new random number. The jump to a Pulse Bit was logical then.