How would you use a DreamBit?

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Oooh, Maybe someone will read this and make some of these bits :blush:. I would totally use 3 of my dreambits (Extended wireless transmitter/receiver(Has 6 slots each), Double input wire(A wire that could mean a bit could take 2 inputs from 2 different bits where only one can be used but there would be 2 inputs connected), and a motor that could have it’s direction changed through Arduino), to build a robot idea I had that would normal cost like 800 dollars could totally have its price brought down. And if you can change you motors direction through Arduino, PLEASE TELL ME!!! :blush:



@JackANDJude @drthuler

This is how it would look like :arrow_down_small:

I don’t know how to make it work. If someone can help me think how it could work I would appreciate it


@Vloshmow, would we use the microphone bit before the recording bit to record, or is there a built in microphone?

Hi @Vloshmow @JackANDJude,
There are chips on the market to make your own greeting card. They can record 10 seconds (or more) and play the recorded sound.


So I think this could be integrated into a new Littlebit sound bit with some tinkering…

@Vloshmow & @alexpikkert I dismantled a cheap toy that had a voice recorder module inside (chip ISD1810) and turned it into a quick and dirty bit.

Here are some differences between @Vloshmow’s proposal and this hardware version:

  • There is only a record button. The play button is replaced with an input bit before the recording bit.
  • There is a microphone on the bit.
  • There is a playback speed switch. This fun feature was on the original toy; it could be replaced with a potentiometer knob or removed entirely. EDIT: Can’t be replaced with a pot. It acts very strangely - not in a good way. :wink:
  • It’s not as pretty as @vloshmow’s rendering! @Vloshmow, would you like to redraw the Recorder Bit with the changes? :pencil2:

Hi Jude @JackANDJude and @Vloshmow,
This is great !
I think this is a good prototype to be submitted to the Bitlab !
There might be a lot of interesting things you can build with this sound recording-playback bit I think…
. A burglar alarm sound
. A pet calming voice
. A personalized reaction on something else
Jude, can you please submit this wonderful design ?
Great !
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That’s a GREAT hack Jude. The speed switch rocks - variable speed would be even better!


One small remark that crossed my mind, keep it straight and simple as in your draft, I think the existing MP3 player bit also can send a voice message when pressong a button, but your design is smaller, easier and quicker to use I think…
But keep the speed switch or potmeter in !


A bit that could record in MP3 format would be HUGE!

boy I sure do LOVE that voice recorder bit!

Thanks for the kind words, everybody! It really is a fun bit. :microphone: :ear:

@ClanScorpia, can you tell me more about your idea for a double input wire? How would it be different from the logic bits, DOUBLE OR and XOR? Can you draw it? :smile: :pencil2:

@choochooboy100, can you tell us how your favorite DreamBit would work? A hand drawn diagram of how your DreamBit would look either by itself or in a project would be AWESOME! :smile: