How to rotate 360 x 4 in either direction?

I want to make a motor turn clockwise through four complete rotations (1440 degrees) in one condition, and counter-clockwise in another condition.

It seems that the LB Servo can only rotate 145 degrees, so that won’t work. Can it rotate through 360 degrees with some Arduino programming?

The LB DC Motor can rotate continuously, but it’s not clear that I’d be able to control the number of rotations. Maybe I could use a timer in Arduino. But even then the motor has a hardware switch to control clockwise vs. counter clockwise, so it would be impossible to use a signal to change direction.

Any other ideas?

The servo motor cannot be made to rotate more than half a rotation (at best). Member @matthiasmwolf has submitted a reversible motor design but it is not yet approved for voting. I have submitted a stepper motor design, but it is in the same state. But I have released all of my design notes, here.

It should do exactly what you want.

Hi @denneyjs and @chris101,
How about using a continuous rotating servo?
See the discussions about this :smile: Wow! Servo Surprise!
There might be an issue with increased power need but maybe it will help…

I always consider the CR servo, but it’s limitation is that there is no (easy) way of knowing how much it has turned. You’d need to calibrate it by voltage and time. Or use a position sensing element, like your magnetic switch bit (only a few days left to vote folks!)

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