How to repair a broken vibration motor O4

In one of my projects I used a vibration motor (O4) to make some music sounds by plucking the strings of a dulcimer, see

After a while the little vibration motor did not survive this musical event and suffered from a broken wire connection… :joy:
By activating and slowly turning the motor I discovered the wire was broken just near the little white connector. I searched the internet for this connector (type 2 wire JST SH 1mm pitch) but could not find it.
So I heated up my soldering iron and removed this tiny little white connector from the bit.

On the two soldering points on the bit I soldered the wires from the motor and voila ! it worked again !
I put some glue on the wires to project the connection against mechanical stress.
It was a real adventure, soldering such tiny connections, I think I was lucky…