How to control a microKorg with light sensors and midi

Hi there,
I’d like to use littlebits light sensors to control a microKorg. I thought using the midi littlebits, but the midi out is usb jack only.
Any idea on how to send this to the midi in of the microKorg?
thanks for your input!

You need a cable with midi on one end, and usb on the other.

Here are some of those.

I am curious – did you ever get this to function as desired? I have a microKorg and one of those USB-MIDI cables… but how do you tell the Korg that the incoming midi input (from light sensors) is meant to control such-and-such parameters on the Korg?

Hi –

You may have already thought of this, but I would suggest using a littleBits Arduino module to act as a “bridge” between the sensors, MIDI OUT, and the microKorg. You’ll need a simple 5-pin DIN MIDI OUT interface for the Arduino. Fortunately, the electronics are very simple – the Arduino serial port through digital pin D1 is good enough for MIDI OUT.

My site has the design of a MIDI interface for Arduino:

You won’t need the MIDI IN side, just the MIDI OUT. Then, you will need to write an Arduino sketch to convert the incoming sensor signals to MIDI messages. Arduino has a good MIDI library, but for output, the library is not absolutely necessary.

Essentially, you’re building your own programmable MIDI controller – far more flexible than “store-bought” controllers. I used an Arduino to build a drawbar controller, for example:

Hope this helps you to get started!

– pj

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hey, thanks all for your input!
(just stumbled upon my own post I had forgotten about)
haven’t had a chance to try anything yet but will let you know whenever it happens