How I found your profile page

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Hiya @alexpikkert :wave:

I hope you don’t mind that I started this as a new topic? :grimacing: After I started answering your question, I started on a tangent that feels relevant to more than us two.

First, how I found your profile page: I searched the activities for “alex pikkert” and clicked on one of the two activities that is listed under your user name. Once in the “activity”, I clicked on the link with your user name where I see 16 inventions and 19 activities. You would know better than me if all your stuff is there. Did you know you are one of the most prolific Bitsters? Also, your documentation is AMAZING. :star:

Whether they find and organize all our inventions or not, I personally am glad for the fresh start. I actually suggested they let my old stuff disappear into the swamp so I could have a clean slate. They were like, “um, no”. (Haha, not an accurate quote.) Maybe it’s time for a new profile. I can go under cover.

Now for the tangent:
I don’t yet understand the activity vs invention terminology. I’m sure more will be revealed in due time.
From what I can glean, an activity has steps and details and an “invention” (or remix) is one bit of media and a small paragraph, which can be posted in response to an activity. On the old platform an activity with a lot of media and steps was indistinguishable from an invention remix with one piece of media and a couple sentences. Also, there was no way to track remixes, give credit for prior work, or know if anyone else looked at your project. Now all that stuff (and more) is possible, which is pretty cool.


:blush: Thanks very much Jude @JackANDJude,
I am missing two projects, they are stored as activities made by Littlebitslab instead of me.
I have sent the team an email about this.
In many activities & inventions the lists of used bits are incorrect. I hope it will be corrected in the near future. Else searching in their archives will be difficult.
Searching with my full user name results in no hits at all.


I doubt the bits used will be corrected. I edit my own when I think of it.

The main benefit of having bits used is paradoxically not to help others collect all the bits they will need but to get eyes on your project. That’s because people search by the bits or kits they have. Many more people will see your activity if it is made from bits and accessories found within a kit. My Bigfacebox project uses the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit and a (non essential) extra bright led.

If my goal is to get more views, it makes sense to merely list the kit (a new option on this platform) and suggest in the copy that you add more led’s if you have them (or use the second BLE Bit as a blinking bright led). As soon as I list that bright led in the bits used list, views will go down. The likelihood that a project will be seen and others will make it becomes a probability problem, as in “What is the probability the next person who searches for a project will have ALL the bits used in this project?”

I’m curious. What are your thoughts on this idea of making within a kit in order to get views?

Hello @JackANDJude,
Indeed, not such a bad idea to restant from a white blanco page.
Time to dust of these bits and make them shiny again !
This evening, I rebuild the strings synth project and with fiddling on the knobs, I rediscovered the warm fuzzy sound of the whirling sawtooths.
So, I will rebuild the circuit and put the details on the new site.
And hopefully attract the LittleBits synth lovers.


Hi Jude @JackANDJude,
Good idea to edit my inventions. I will try to only mention the kits I used, but in the past 3 years I bought a number of additional bits, based on what I needed in my projects… Will see what happens.

:bitstar: :bitstar: :bitstar: :bitstar: :bitstar:

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I did a little test. I edited the bits used in two projects. In one I listed only the kit I used and in the other I listed the kit I used plus the specific bits within that kit. When I filter activities by product and select the kit, I get both projects. So, I think I will list kit used as well as bits used within that kit.

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Hi Jude @JackANDJude,
my two missing projects were specially chosen as “Featured Inventions” which Littlebits want others to be inspired by while the site is still in beta.
Great !


Well log in and looky here:

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Hi Jude,
I typed “jude” in the search box and found a number of your projects and my marble sorter version 2.
Searching with my name shows no results…

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