How do I submit a new bit design?

Hi there,

I have been tinkering long enough with my two-way motor controller now. It works, but without the HDK (which should arrive in a week or two - honestly, 6 weeks shipping time - come on, German customs office!!!) I cannot “prove” it, i.e. connect it to littleBits.

Is a video of it turning left and right enough for submitting it to the bitLab? @JackANDJude @Philip_Verbeek @syedBits any idea?



Hi @matthiasmwolf,

Great to hear that you finished your bit!

I would say a good Bit sales by itself but experience learns me that a good presentation makes it a lot easier;)
So also make good pictures etc.

As for the Bitconnectors; I just modified some wires from littleBits so that I can test the my Bits very easy (e.g. in breadboards) and maybe reuse them eventually. To do so, cut one pair in half and solder some pins on.

This works great for me!


Cut wires are very convenient to plug into a breadboard as well.

@matthiasmwolf I’m all about submitting quick and getting feedback as soon as possible :smile:
so please submit away!


It is here. Finally! :smile:


Lol, that should be your new profile pic! Looking forward to seeing what you make! :sunny:

I hope we’ll see you at tomorrow’s Community Call, @matthiasmwolf! Bring your motor if you can! :smile:

Unfortunately, I am on the road. I doing my best to be able to make it to the communitiy call, but I don’t have the Dual Direction Motor Module with me, so there’s nothing to show :frowning:



Hi @syedBits,

the module is submitted, is there anything else I can do to support you? How long does the approval process usually need?

Hey Mathias!

It looks awesome and I hope to post it soon. There a few in the queue right now and I wanna make sure those are cleared before we can post yours up. I hope that’s ok!


Ok, that’s fine for me. I’m in no hurry, just wondered whether there are any problems… The video ain’t that sophisticated.