How can I connect Arduino to an external circuit?

I’ve searched the forum but I didn’t find a complete and clear answer (I’m a newbie also). I have an Arduino module. How can I power my breadboard safely? What’s the safest and easy way to use the additional “a” and “d” pins with jumpers (header pins maybe)?
I ask this cause I want to experiment with an Arduino camera or a Thermal Printer for microcontroller . I should buy the Hardware Development Kit or my Arduino module is all I need?

Hi @Flow_Wolf . I soldered male header pins to my Arduino, and I often attach to the a and d pins with female wires. You don’t NEED the HDK, but I do find a proto module to be handy sometimes with the Arduino, as it gives you an extra ground and VCC.

Here is an Arduino diagram. See where there are six pinholes marked “ICSP”?

LittleBits ICSP:

…GND --> O O <-- RESET

Digital Pin 16 / MOSI --> O O <-- Digital Pin 15 / SCK

…VCC --> O O <-- Digital Pin 14 / MISO

Find a discussion on this topic here: Using the Additional I/Os on the Arduino Bit

I hope you find this helpful, and I’d love to hear more about your project! :smile:


Thank you very much for you answer, It’s good to hear that I don’t need the proto module and I can do everything with my arduino, it’s really hard to get extra module here in Italy. :smile:

You can use 5 volt compatible hardware with the LittleBits components including the Arduino module. The HDX kit proto modules easily allow you to connect wires to breadboards.

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