Hi, I'm lloydde

I was a little overwhelmed by the mega welcome thread, so I thought I would do what is done in other parts and do my own intro topic.

I’m a software professional who’s spent his last few years focused on open source software infrastructure . I’m now working on a global enterprise platform.

More importantly, I’m a parent of 3. My oldest just turned eight and I’m excited for each to experience technology, particularly technologies that are part of the commons.

A friend gave me the littleBits Arduino Coding Kit. I’m thrilled by the physical design and package. I’m excited to get started.

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Hi @lloydde, join the massive Intro thread. The moderators read every one of them, as do many of the forum regulars. MUCH more effective than posting here. Maybe put a project together and post a link to it?

Welcome, @lloydde! I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile: What program do you think you and your kids might try first?