Help ! My inventions are gone!

Hi all, when browsing for my inventions, I noticed that they are all gone.
It seems that the invention page was updated.
I can log in, but my personal inventions are gone.
Can someone tell me how to retrieve them ?

Can you log in at ?
thats their new website…

Hi @alexpikkert,
Yes, that’s what I did and Iget the message : no inventions can be found on the tab “my inventions”.
I hope that they are still somewhere ?

And Alex, when I try a search on “minipops” there are no results.
Can you try to search for one of my inventions (string synthesizer, minipops, optocoupler) ?


Hi @Frankje,
Nice to see you on the forum after a long time !
I hope they are still working on renewing everything…
I am still missing about half of my projects also…I searched for you for music, minipops, string, synthesizer, opto, frankje and no result.
Even on my own name: no result. Their search engine is not working very well I think.

Did you not receive an email early september about their new website?
It contained the following warning: (quote)

“Please note, this new platform includes important changes to how we collect and store your information. If you do not register by October 6, 2018, we will delete your profile information and previously-uploaded inventions”. :

Try to help you…

Hi @alexpikkert
Ir seems to me that I missed his mail…
So I’m afraid that I have to re-upload my inventions.
Time to polish things out and rebuild these circuits.

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Hello @alexpikkerdeletet and @Frankje , not to worry! If you create an account today on the littleBits learningLab and email with your old account username and email address and your new littleBits learningLab account information, we will make sure your past inventions are migrated to your account in the new learningLab.


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I followed these instructions back when they sent the email. Still didn’t work. My hot tub heater power cycle invention disappeared anyways.
Joseph Elwell.

Hi Joseph @jelwell,

You can send an email to
They will inform you about your projects. I think they are still in the middle of their migration process from old to new. It seems to be a not-automated process.
I am also missing a lot of projects but there is still hope they will be recovered…

Hi Everyone! as @alexpikkerdeletet said, we are still in the process of migrating everything to learning lab. And it is a very manual process. One thing to look out for is that there is a distinction between “Inventions” and “Activities”. Inventions is more of a gallery and Activities is where full instructions will live.

We apologize for the delays in getting everything ready for you. We are still working on making the community inventing experience better and we thank you all for bearing with us while we settle on the final solution.