Help getting started with cloudbit

I am having some difficulty getting started trying to control my cloudbit through the terminal on my mac.

I really have no clue where to begin and read the following pages to try to get started, but am basically blindly copying things I see on these pages:

I was able to control the number bit connected after the cloudbit one time, by accident I guess because I can’t seem to replicate whatever I happened to do that one time.

This is what I am typing into terminal:
curl “” -H “Authorization: Bearer 8baf445b37a339ccd95c3555ba2c694f3c63cc1c0cd4728f06e5bd2dfa60166e” -H “Content-Type: application/json”
This is what it returns:

I think this working because when I turned off my cloudbit it changed connected to false.

Then I tried typing the following: -d ‘{“percent”:50, “duration_ms”:5000}’

It tells me “no such file or directory”

Can anyone please help me with this? Is there a certain file or directory I need to navigate to in order for this to work?

I tried turning off my cloudbit and restarting terminal in case I messed up something that would just fix itself, but that didn’t seem to help.

Thank you so much!