Having problem when link speaker to a mp3 player

I try to use use speaker to play the song in my mp3 player. I snap microphone and speaker bit together, and use input jack to link to my mp3 player. I found that the sound was too bad, unlike the video I saw on tips and tricks. What can I do?

Hey @eva_maker,

Did you switch the Microphone Module to Sound Mode?

Yes, but it still sounds not good.

Are you using a Synth Speaker from the Synth Kit, Space Kit, or did you purchase it separately? If you have it from the Synth Kit, are you having any issues with the Synth Circuits as well? I’m just trying to get to the issue of it either being the Microphone Module or the Synth Speaker. Are there any connector pins that may be pushed in on the modules?

I bought them from “Pro Library”.

Sorry, I don’t know how to answer this question. Could you explain it?

These are the connector pins;

Also, does the Music also sounds distorted from the music playing from your cellphone? Or does it only sound bad with the MP3 Player?

I clean the connector pins and re-plug again, I think it’s better now. Thanks a lot!

Glad it’s working for you!