Hardware Help Needed - LV321 Amplifier

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know where I can source the LV321 Amplifier? This is the part that LittleBits shows in their documentation but does not seem to be available to mere mortals in small numbers. We’re working on a bit for the bitlab and we are currently using the LMV324 which is supposed to work the same way, that is that they are specified to be “rail to rail” outputs meaning to swing their output voltage from 0 to 5v if that is what the power supply is. With the LMV324 I’m getting max output of 4.4v maybe 4.5v.

So does anyone have any experience comparing these chips? And if the LV321 solves the problem, do you know where I can get my hands on few?

Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been working on. It’s pretty cool and we’re getting pretty close :smile:



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Hey Joey,

According to this post by @codewizard58, there are a couple places you can buy them in small quantities.

So far, I am using the LM324 without issues, but then I am not needing that last half volt or so .

It seems like littleBits is using a chip called the LV321 in their production boards. I’m wondering if this is different than the LMV321 chip.

Loved your world clock project by the way!

Thanks man!

Here are the data sheets:

LMV321 - Texas Instruments

LV321 - Unisonic Technologies

HI @joey,
I found this store for you
:smile: http://www.conrad.com/ce/
they sell a few lv321 versions.
Just search for lv321, there are rail to rail versions available for appr. 1 euro…
Hope to see your new bit soon in the bitlab !

I think I found a useful chip. I bought several on ebay.