Hangout session for using littleBits with Scratch 2.0 10/15/14

Hi everyone,

I’ve scheduled a Google Hangout for Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014 at 4:00pm EST to talk about interfacing littleBits with Scratch 2.0.

This will be an informal discussion, everyone is welcome to attend. Feel free to participate or just hang back and listen.

If you would like to participate you will need:

I hope to see you then!

I am geeking out right now. Those project files are using mBlock. They just opened the mBlock program that I downloaded last week for my mBot (from the MakeBlock Kickstarter) EEEeeee!! I am going to be doing some major mBot, Scratch, LittleBits cross over classes now. My kiddos are always wanting to build their own robots and now with LittleBits Arduino bit using mBlock, I will be able to extend my “0 to Roboticist” program one step more. Now I can’t decide whether to dig more into the Scratch content on the forums or go write some more content for my classes. Did I mention geeking out!!

…also is there a place to find this hangout recorded. I know it was a while back but I would love to watch a recording of it.

@khanning Do you have the ability to share a recording of the hangout? I’d also like to watch it again if possible. Thanks!