General Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for your modules and kits. Take a look here first and if you don’t see what you’re looking for [take a peek at our FAQs][1] Still don’t see what you need? Please write in to for specific issues with your bits.

Hi tomsepe,

I saw that khanning responded to you on the other thread an wanted to repost here:

The signal path uses 5v. You can check it with a multimeter if you flip the bits over and test on the solder joints.

I picked up a few of these at my local DIY store:

This let me convert one of the wire bits into an easy input/output interface:

my mp3 doesn’t work! I named it 1_idk and I used the adapter in the box and it doesn’t work!

I am having an issue where the connectivity between student chromebooks and the littlebits boards are very spotty and disconnect frequently. When a teacher uses her personal chromebook at home she claims it works just fine.