Fun with synthesizer bits

With the Littlebits Korg synthesizer bits you can make a lot of funny sounds. No limits, only your own imagination…

Guess the following sound and try to find out which six bits were used to make it…

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Hi Alex,
I love puzzles and riddles, great idea !
This is my guess :
Power - pulse - pulse - noise - filter - synth speaker

What a wonderful idea to create challenges. It would be real fun for everyone to find solutions.

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Hi Frank @Frankje,
You guessed 5 out of 6 however in the wrong sequence…

And how can we find the solution ? By building the circuit ourself ! That’s part of the fun.
So, here’s what I did and the result is pretty close to your recording
Power - pulse - osc set to square- noise - filter - speaker.
Is this the correct solution ?

Still 5 out of 6… :musical_score:

Hmmm, there must be a solution to this problem.
Any other forum member to help finding it ? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hello Alex, can you give a clue to the solution ?
Tomorrow I’ll certainly find some time to ook for the answer with your help …

Frank, no noise bit…
and yes, also NO arduino…


2 pulse bits.
in 24 hrs I will show how it is made.
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Hi Alex,
Thank you for the hint, I’ve replaced the noise bit with the Oscillator bit and I hope this is correct now


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you are nearly there, the sound is almost ok, only the sequence is different…

Uh oh, let’s twist the knobs and tweak them :grinning:
I hope the setup is correct ?

Congrats Frank @Frankje,

Power-pulse-oscillator-pulse-filter-speaker &tweaking…


That’s so cool, @alexpikkert . I only have one pulse, but maybe your circuit can use one pulse and a microsequencer? Can you make it sound like multiple horses with a delay and maybe a mixer?

Hi Jude @JackANDJude,

horses and horses…

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