Freq in modulation range on the i32 filter?

What is the official range for freq in bitSnap modulation on the i32 filter? It seems that no matter what type of signal I send it that the maximum cutoff range is very, very small. :fried_shrimp:

For example, I would expect a dimmer snapped to that input to be able to sweep the full frequency range with the cutoff pot turned fully counterclockwise. However, when the cutoff pot is in the lowest value, sweeping a dimmer on the freq in bitSnap doesn’t even sound like it is changing the cutoff.

When I can hear a change in modulation, it is very minimal. I am sure this is how it is meant to be as I have two filters with the same modulation range, but since the oscillator has a very wide range for frequency modulation, it would be a great benefit if the filter also had a similar range for external modulation. :grinning:

In short, is there a way to extend the range of frequency modulation for the i32 filter? If the frequency modulation range is not supposed to be this shallow, is there a way to easily fix it? :pill:

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Have you made any progress on this? I have noticed the same range limitation.
I am willing to mod the bit snap if needed.

I have a i33 envelope driving the freq in on the i32 filter and get only a modest sweep range.

Please see above thread and help us if you can.
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Hiya Max,

The Synth Kit bits are designed by Korg. They are trying to reproduce the actions of the M20 standalone, analog synthesizer. I don’t know if a detailed analysis of the filter circuit has been done, but if it has, it would be somewhere in the Korg M20 ecosphere.

On the other hand, you could use a frequency input (perhaps an arduino bit, or an oscillator if you don’t have access to a dedicated instrument) and analyze the output with an oscilloscope (is the oscilloscope bit out yet!?), and determine the range yourself. If you do, please report your results here.

Then we can cite you the next time. :smiley:

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Wow thanks for the quick response. Your are on the exact same page with your recommendation that I am…

I like my filter so much I hesitate to mod to quickly but from this it looks as if I modify the R23 & R3 it should compliment the VR1 more closely. Though I would not want to damage the PNP Q2A.

Any thoughts ?

Have you figured out how to increase the sweep range on the filter freq in @blindbento ?