Fan cannot work well

My question is: why triggers(wireless transmitter) does not work well with fan?

Fan was triggered by motion trigger, sound trigger or wireless transmitter whether there was any motion, sound, wireless signals or not. Fan kept moving and was out of control even though the surrounding was quiet, no moves, and no any wireless signals. And I have tried several times, but it didn’t work well.

When I replaced fan with LED, LED worked normally. Or when I replaced any input like button or pressure sensor, fan worked well.

Could anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my fan?

Do you mind uploading a picture of your circuits so that we could test it out?

I recorded a clip about my circuits. I found that if I use 9V AC adapter, the circuits work well. If I use battery, the light will blink with high frequency.

Circuits’ video from Youtube

Dose anyone know what’s happened?

I assume that the power drain of the fan and the current spike at turn on/off is affecting the other modules. Using a protobit, you could remove the +5volt jumper and wire in a power supply just for the fan.