Extracting littleBits symbols from PDF

I think, there is still no easy way to describe your littleBit designs. One issue is the availability of the different modules as symbols or picture files to put them together in a power point, word or other drawing program.

Not the easiest way, but with reasonable effort, is to use a program like inkscape to export image files or even vector graphics ( svg ).

As an example I have attached the extraction of the remote trigger bit. I could not use the svg file in my favorite drawing program, visio under windows, but I could still use the extracted .png file.

Is this approach reasonable ?
And, is this legal ?

Well if I understand correctly you want the vector graphics out of the PDF?

Open the littlebits PDF file in adobe illustrator and if the artwork is vector you should be able to “save as” a file format which is compatible with a program you want to use. An EPS file and other formats Illustrator exports/saves are often able to be imported into various graphics applications. I use this process to import 2D curves into Autodesk|Maya.

Hi @sc4r4b,
thanks for your suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

It would be excellent if there was an easily available “clip-art” version of all the bits so they can be used to build visio diagrams or other.

Is there anything like that available.

Also if we extract clip art from existing material, is it legal, as far as copyright is concerned?

Hi @pepsiplease69,

Littlebits bits are open source hardware. I think it is legal to use their pictures too.

If you have the Microsoft office Powerpoint progam, you could use my collection of bit pictures I made in a powerpoint presentation. I use them to make project setups by copying and pasting them on an empty page and finally save the result as a jpg picture file.

If you are interested you can download my powerpoint bit library file here:

I could also be used with another (free)program called LibreOffice:

Hello @alexpikkert,
Thanks very much for this PPT. This is brilliant.

I’ve always struggled to properly document my circuit boards.

It’s great to hatch an idea and then bring it to life with the various bits, but an empasis should be made (especially with kids) to invest time in documenting their work.

I have about 4 projects actively in use at my home but I’ve not found a way to document what I built.

Thanks again.

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Hi @pepsiplease69,
Thanks, I did not include the latest bits (from the droid and the gizmo kits, but you can import these if you need them from the shop.