External buttons or joystick Hack


Anybody know how to connect an arcade button or joystick to my little bits?
i would like to use an external button as a little bits button, and, connect my jostick as a dimmer,

Is this possible with the Hardware Kit? If it is, anybody can explain me How?

If you have any hacks about replacing bits with other external functions, let us know! :smile:


Hi, @codea_studio! :grinning:

How you hack the joystick depends on the circuitry inside and your comfort level with the possibility of breaking it.

Usually a button is easy. :sunglasses:

Can you tell us more about both?

Hii @JackANDJude ! Thanks for your reply!!

I don’t really care about broking something :slight_smile:

The thing is, I’m buying it for the occasion. Here you have the link: http://es.aliexpress.com/item/Arcade-parts-Bundles-kit-With-American-Joystick-Pushbutton-Microswitch-2-player-USB-board-to-Build-Up/661084336.html

What do u think¿

Cool! As I understand it, a four way joystick is really four different resistor values. I’d be interested to know what the resistor values are on that joystick. Since that bundle is USB compatible, it’s probably a 5v system.

Can you tell us what you hope to do with the joystick and external button? Are you using the littleBits Arduino?

Can you draw a schematic diagram? That will really help you figure out how exactly you want it to work with the HDK. :pencil2:

Hello @JackANDJude,

I’m waiting for my arduino module and my HDK kit, so, i want to do a drawing game, based on processing.
Joystick will tell the direction, and buttons will change options ( like colour, weight, etc…)

It is possible with HDK, connect external electronic things right¿?

I will draw what i have, and what I want, so i can explain myself :slight_smile:

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