Event Idea: littleBits Workshop about Diversity

After this event You're in the News, Bitster! 📰 📺 🌟, I was asked to host a series of workshops to give participants a deeper sense of how it feels to invent with littleBits. Since the idea was to give an introduction to littleBits and the number of participants was big enough, I decided to keep testing the approach developed in these posts.

I hosted 3 workshops for 15 kids each. The duration was 2:30 hours (too long). For me it works better 1:30 hours maximum.

The physical space was ok. I used 3 tables to put Input, Wire, and Output Bits. And on the other line of 3 tables I put Energy.

The first step was like always to choose your Bit. I explained the different colors and gave time to free test before choosing. Once they made their choice I asked them to write their name, age, and Bit on a Post-it (pink, orange or green, depending on their choice).

My idea was that then they could combine themselves depending on the characteristics that they were discovering about their Bits. But, since they had all the other unselected Bits there, this didn’t happen and the methodology didn’t work as I expected.

So for the last workshop I remixed things and selected only 16 bits. Including 1 power and 1 USB power (although I left some USB powers ready so the ones that already made their choice could start exploring their Bits).

This approach worked really well. They interacted a lot between each other and together discussed and decided what to invent depending on what each could do. Eventually, if they needed more Bits for a specific project they had in mind, I would give them exactly what they needed, but normally it was not the case.

One other alternative that I didn’t try was to put all the Bits available, and after they choose, take the rest apart, and bring specific Bit dependind their needs.

If I get more pics, I will share them with you here :slight_smile:

Thanks Fundación INVAP for making this event possible

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