Event Idea: Bitified Museum Protection (IoT)

#Event Idea: Bitified Museum Protection

  1. Break into groups of 3-4, and spend a few minutes talking about your favorite museum.
  2. Sketch out a Rube Goldberg style security system to protect the museum from intruders. Remix the Upcycle Something in Your House Design Challenge for inspiration.
  3. The security system should have 4 different “steps” (sets of inputs and outputs).

##2. Plan Your Day
Whether you are planning an informal meetup with your friends or a larger event in your area, find handy event guides on the Lessons Page to help you plan your event.

##3. Share Your Masterpieces

  • Take videos of your divine creations and post it to our Project Page. Share the link over here to get feedback and advice.

  • Don’t forget to share on social with the hashtag #InventAnything. The more you share the more everyone learns :slight_smile: