European Maker Week 30 May / 5 June 2016

Whether you are a makerspace/hackerspace/fablab/school …
whether your event is big or small…
Here is your chance to create an event and be part of the official European Maker Week
Event dates: May 30 - June 5 2016
Deadline for event submissions: April 20

some links to peruse:
European Maker Week website
What kind of event can I organise?
Event Registration form

If you are going to create an event combining littleBits, please post info here, maybe others will be inspired to do the same.

We are looking to create one here at Nesodden,Norway either at our local co-working artist space or the community center library/cafe, with hopes of involving other ‘makers’ to showcase their work alongside our littleBits event.
feel free to ping any european bitsters @nickweinberg - it would be great to gather a ‘community feel’ around this.


@andrewolters @conniechowpetit @Ultra_lab @matthiasmwolf @Iva @borko_jovanovic @sunekaae @tobiaslarsson @iPhD @pawel