Europe Shop and promo code

Why all Promo codes are only for US shop :cry: ??? Thanks


No reply… Europe is certainly a too old country :smile:

I get today an email with a code (25% off) to celebrate 5 years of littleBits ! Yeah ! But this code not works for Europe shop :cry:

Another mail today : 20% with a code. But not works on Europe shop site :cry: Snirf… I want to buy LittleBits!!!

Please, do not forget Europe (France, etc) :sob:

I would like to pre-order 2 Avengers Hero Inventor Kits but i can’t : it’s too expensive !!! Shipping : $70 + dutty/VAT/blablabla : almost $100… 170$ = 60% of total :scream:

So $285 (kits) + $170 (shipping, VAT, …) = $455…

Sorry but it’s time to do something !!!