Epic Win at Maker Faire for littleBits Arcade

#The littleBits Arcade scores an Epic Win!
That’s right, it’s an Editor’s Choice winner at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area!
Somebody give those Bitsters an Epic lollypop! :smile: :candy:

Let’s tune in to Kristin Salomon and Paul Rothman, reporting from the littleBits booth with Make.

The Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon

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Read all about it!

Blog: Meet The Makers Behind the Biggest littleBits Project Ever!
With contributions from the Super Stellar Team of Monty , @kristin_littleBits , @shem_littleBits , @Arjun, Stan, @dave_littleBits, @chloeatplay , and more. Please tag a friend if I missed someone! :smile:

:arrow_up: Monty as King Kong. :smile:

Congratulations, Team!

Let’s hear it for the gang - show some love, Bitsters! :heart:

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