Elementary Lessons

Looking for suggestions for lessons, activities, and challenges to get young learners using littlebits to solve problems and challenges.

@kknight and @CityParkSTEM , any thoughts? What have you been using in your classrooms?

Hello! Last term I ran a STEAM club for children aged 6 - 8 years. Their challenge was to design and create something that would help another person. We started with an intro on the design process, thinking about purpose-led design with some examples before they came up with ideas and decided on one per team. I like this approach because it gets them thinking about why and to consider the potential social benefits of making.

One thing we did at the start was to make a plan, describing what each team aimed to achieve every week to get their project finished on time. We returned to it weekly to keep projects on track. We also shared what we had learnt and achieved at the end of every session - often their projects might look the same or even look less finished (!) at the end of a session, despite a great deal of learning taking place. Highlighting the knowledge, skills and social skills developed was an incredibly valuable part of the process. This also helped with building their resilience - appreciating that failure and “steps back” could help make their projects better.

Hope that helps : ) you are welcome to take a look at my twitter feed for ideas as well @Lab_13Gillespie


Really interesting and inspiring! thanks for sharing :smiley:

Yes! Great idea. Thank you.