Educator as Lead Learner: Learning littleBits

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. @jackiegerstein recently blogged about modeling the learning process for her students by trying something new - using littleBits!

“I advocate for the educator, as leader learner, to demonstrate the process of learning: To effectively do so, though, the educator needs to understand and be able to articulate and demonstrate the process of learning, him or herself. It is a mistaken assumption that educators know how to do so. The learning process can be made overt through recording and clearly articulating the steps, procedures, and/or strategies for doing so.” Read full blog post. :link:

Jackie documented her learning by uploading her invention to with pictures and a description! :heart_eyes_cat:

Moving Cat Toy Feeder:

If you are using littleBits for the first time, I’d like to encourage you to try building and remixing an invention from a kit booklet or our website. Take pictures and notes as you proceed, round off the documentation with a video demonstration, and upload the whole kit and caboodle to !

Reply here with your thoughts, ideas, hurdles, and a link to your upload! We’re all teachers and learners - let’s do both together! :slight_smile:

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