Dual input bits

Hi all!

What often miss for me is a second input for some bits, like:

  • DC Motor: an input to change the rotate direction
  • Pulser: an input to change frequency
  • Stepper Motor: an input to change frequency in swing mode

Are there some reason to do not have a second input (with bitsnap) for these purposes? Technically it’s feasible but can be some strategic approach to keep simple.

I can work on that but I would like to clarify the constrains first.



Hey Diego, the stepper motor bit DOES have a second input!

You probably meant the servo motor though, as it’s the one with ‘swing’ mode.

It’s very feasible to have 2 inputs, but designers need to be clever to be sure that the use of a second input is obvious and easy. The over arching guideline for littleBits is “it is more important to provide immediate control than absolute control”. This is why the hardware hacking community here makes their own bits when the one provided by littleBits does not meet the need. The system rocks, and is very open!

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I really meant the servo, just messed when writing, sorry. BTW good job in Stepper Motor module :smile:, I read your thread and I believe that it kept in my mind… :grimacing:

Really, understanding he guideline “it is more important to provide immediate control than absolute control” it’s more clear.

I think that should be useful even if it kept as header or vias on these modules for more advanced users connect to Arduino at least. To hack then I should remove components :disappointed:

And it’s not so advanced users. I work with kids here and the idea to invert the motor direction and control frequency comes often, like make a car move backward when touch some obstacle.

I believe that should have some solution to keep it immediate at first moment and absolute when familiar. Like an accessory or expansion for these modules.

Sure I can do my hack to use with my kids here, but I believe that others fells like me too.

Thanks for the reply!


Check out member @matthiasmwolf who has a two-input, direction controlled, DC motor bit… I believe he has submitted it to the bitlab, so there should be something about it soon.

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Hi @chris101, hi @drthuler!

Indeed I submitted a dual input dc motor module some time ago but didn’t hear any news so far. Maybe @syedBits has some more information for us :smile:

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Hi @syedBits!

Any news about the dual input DC Motor?

Hi @nickweinberg!

There are some restrictions on have that or just a mater to be voted by the community? Can you help to see the status of @matthiasmwolf bitlab submission?