Droid Control Hub bit uses?

I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I am enjoying learning about electrical engineering with my kids with littlebits. I am curious if the Control Hub bit, included in the Droid kit has uses for invention other than building R2D2.

What kind of features does the control hub have?

I am wondering the same thing. The hub has the speaker , 3 outputs, q input and Bluetooth.

Is their any progamming library that can talk to the thing.

@fool @jelwell Great question!

The w32 Control Hub (specific to the Droid Inventor Kit) is designed to listen to BLE controls in the Droid Inventor App. There is not an open programming library available for non-app controls.

When controlling bits through the Control Hub, keep in mind that it outputs a default signal of 2.5 - 2.7 V - as oppose to a BLE bit which remains at 0.0V output until instructed otherwise. This is because most Droid app missions start with a a neutral signal for a motor (ie. telling a DC Motor in VAR mode to stop or telling a Servo to stay halfway turned so the Droid rolls straight)

If you are going to remix with the Droid Control Hub, be sure to get acquainted with the in app missions first, as a lot of them have different controls. You can also see unlocked controller options in the Droid Controls section. I recommend trying the “Triple Slider” and “Custom Droid” controllers.

Finally, please note that the w33 Control Hub from the Space Rover Inventor Kit is specifically controlled via the new littleBits app and is not interchangeable with a w32 Droid Control Hub.

Hope this helps!

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