Driving MIDI littlebit from an OP-1

Hi all,

My teenage engineering op1 generates midi from its USB output which looks perfectly regular when I analyse it on my desktop, however my midi littlebit doesn’t respond when I plug from op1 to usb in on littlebits.

I know the littlebits does receive and work with midi from my computer on USB.

Any ideas? Driving littlebits synths from the sequencers in the op1 is the dream…

Hi, @stuartboldt!

I don’t know if this answers your question, but you might find some useful information on this thread:


hey JackandJude. thanks for replying. sadly this doesn’t look like the solution.

pockets operators receive / generate a clock signal (regular pulses of a fixed voltage) whereas the op1 (a significantly different beast) generates regular midi data eg channel no / note no / note on / note off etc.