Documentation on Trigger In bitSnaps?

Hello! I’m wondering something about the Trigger In connectors on the Envelope and Filter modules. Are they supposed to be able to respond to variable voltages (ex. from a dimmer) or is it just a matter of cutting them in or out based on a pulse? I played around a bit with a dimmer and the Filter module, and it seemed like I could change the cutoff a little, but am still uncertain how much tweaking can be done through the Trigger In.

Hi steven,

On the envelope the “trigger in” triggers the envelope so it is a simple high low. On the filter the third bitsnap controls the cutoff frequency.

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Great, thanks for confirming that.

I found that out pretty quick … here’s a sample circuit I did:

…/—envelope --------------------------\
power - keyboard - oscillator - envelope - filter - speaker

The envelope plugs into the trigger out of the keyboard, and the trigger in of the filter. This modulates the cutoff of the filter with an attack-decay envelope, and also sets it to trigger everytime you press a key. Replacing the keyboard module with the 4-step sequencer does the same thing.