Debug this circuit!

Let’s learn how to debug a circuit together! Debugging is when you try to figure out why your circuit does something different than what you want or expect. :ant: :bug:

Post below if you have a circuit that isn’t doing what you expect OR if you can help someone else figure out what to do differently. :smiley:

Debug THIS:
Let’s start with a teaser! This after effects image was created by Molly Ennis from Brooklyn, NY. Click on the image to see it animate! Does this circuit do what Molly expects? Why or why not? Comment below with your thoughts…

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Zoey says that the button only turns all the lights on or off. If the goal is to turn some lights on and keep some off then the dimmer would work much better.

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i LOVE this! This is such a great technique for teaching LittleBits and I love the graphics and the perfect use of a gif. I can imagine an entire online tutorial using this technique. That would be a blast and super fun to work on. Kudos to Molly!

Reminds me a little of what I did for the SoundControl video :slight_smile:


Hey Jude,

I wonder if I can imbed a gif link inside of my BitLab submission? See where I’m going here? :smile:

Hey @JackANDJude - I like the drawings of bits you use in the animation. Is there a library of those? If so, are they available for use?

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