Current/Servo Control Issues with Cloudbit

Hello All! I’ve jumped on here for the first time, so bear with me for a moment if this has been discussed before.
I’ve been working on a cloudbit-driven lightswitch. As far as setup- I’ve got USB-Cloudbit-Servo as of now. The Cloudbit connected to wifi alright, and I decided to turn the lightswitch on and off by sliding the slider from 0-100, turning the servo and throwing the switch (only because I do not have a latch, and CloudControl does not obviously seem to have a ‘lightswitch’-like output function). I noticed, however, that when throwing the slider from 0-100, the servo turns the full 90 degrees, but the Cloudbit LED indicator turns from green to pale blue. I do not have lots of experience in electronics, and even less with diagnosing both Littlebits hardware and Cloudbit software problems, but I suspect that the servo is momentarily drawing current to the point of causing the Cloudbit to reset- preventing me from moving the position of the servo back to its original position in a timely manner.

Has anybody else had an issue like this?

Hi @SpencerOlds,
Welcome to the forum!
Did you use a wallplug (wart) with the USB power bit?
If you supply the power from a PC it will not be enough for the Cloudbit so it will try to reset itself… This bit is very hungry… :sweat:

To switch a light you could also use the IR controlled power outlet from the smart home kit ?

Ahh, that would do it. Thanks @alexpikkert