Control 250 doors with arduino

Hey Everyone
I have a question about my project and I’ll really appreciate any help you can give,
I’m going to programming a software in order to automatically open up 250 doors with FINGERPRINT SCANNER, I mean I’ve 250 members in a gym and I want to recognize any of them by their fingerprint and then open their related door wardrobe.
So the question is, I don’t know after verifying any individual person and understanding the related door, how can I command to the doors to open?
Let me clarify the sentence, Arduino have 16 pins as output and I’ve 250 doors to control.
I know it’s completely ridiculous to dedicate 250 pins to 250 doors but I don’t know how to overcome to this problem and reduce the pins number!
Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
Many thanks

Hi @Abolfazl_1185, use littleBits to make a prototype. For your production model, use an inexpensive board or an ATTiny chip to read and verify the fingerprint, then activate a solenoid locking mechanism (google around for ‘electronic lock mechanism’ or something like that.

Electronic locks are a popular Arduino project.