Connector types

Hi I have had some problem with the connector/wire on the fan and servo…The wire is broken close to the connector and I need to replace the connectors. I am living in Norway and hope someone knows the type of connectors so I can buy it here…
BR Ivar

Hi @etoivy :slight_smile: . The connector on the fan looks similar to the JST on the long led. Check out @alexpikkert’s investigations on the long led :arrow_left:.

Alex also shared pics on how he repaired a broken connection on the vibration motor.

For more chats on this topic, click on the magnifying lens and type JST. As always, you are welcome to contact about any trouble you are having with a Bit.

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Hi Ivar @etoivv and Jude @JackANDJude,

Indeed the connector from the o13 fan is the same as the connector from the long led. I purchased new connectors including 10cm. wiring at kiwi electronics in the Netherlands, see here:
(they can sell abroad to Norway, no problem)

For the servo you will need a 3-pin JST connector, I think (not sure) it might be this one:


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Thanks Jude, this will really come in handy.

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Hi again I was happy to repair the 2 wire connector but now I have a problem with a 3 wire connecor. . It seems that it is not the connector Alex proposed.
Does anyone know the type and an European supplier?
Thanks so far Alex!

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Hi Ivar @etoivv ,

It is a connector from Sparkfun, make JST. I cannot find the exact model. But you can buy the W1 wire bit from Kiwi electronics in the Netherlands, see

Purchase a single wire or purchase a multi-pack and save!

outdated reference:


Thanks a lot for your hjelp
BR Ivar

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