Connecting to external instruments/devices

Depending on what you’re thinking, you might have to get your hands on a microphone module, as the Synth Kit doesn’t have an input jack right out of the box.

If you were trying to record something, you would want to plug the recording device into the output jack on the speaker. Please note that when you plug something into the output jack you won’t hear anything out of the speaker anymore, you’ll only be able to hear it through your recording device.

We’ve made some sweet videos for you that will help you with this! Check them out here:

Connect to other instruments

Recording your music

Question about external signals:

What I want to do, is pipe in an external synthesizer, and have an envelope rigged to modulate the filter, everytime I play a note on the external synth.

Is this possible? Or an envelope follower which mimics the envelope of the input signal?

Hey @synthpopalooza!

Soon, littleBits will release these new synth modules. Including one to connect external synthesizers! The CV Module would definitely be the official way to connect external synthesizers! I haven’t seen any projects where someone used an external synth besides using some software on the computer.