Connecting to CloudBit serial console?

“We’ve left pads on the bottom of the board so that you can connect to the cloudBit’s serial console using 3.3V UART (8-N-1, 115,200 baud) and poke around” - I’d like to do just that.

I seem to remember reading that I need USB to TTL cable (I got this: and a bit of soldering. Cannot find an easy to follow instruction.

Please help. I know about the risk to hardware/warranty &c.

Ok, got it working. I found hint at the “Is the cloudBit™ open source?” (, which points to the schematic on Github (

I’m not an electronics expert but connecting ground to ground, input to output and vice versa was easy (after pind were soldered to the pads). Then Putty with serial terminal did the rest. The Cloudbit logs as root on the serial console, so the system is entirely open for hacking.

Were you able to do anything interesting?